Let the Arrows Fly!

Welcome to my first post on  I am Classy Cupid, and I am here to serve your writing needs in your expressions of love. I am your communications Superhero, and I promise to listen with my ears and write from my heart, to bring the essence of your loving thoughts and memories to the page. 

So many people have given up on writing love notes, love letters or their love stories, and my mission is to revive that art. Expressing sorrow, giving gratitude, communicating the joy of celebrations keeps our energy elevated, our frequency up. Showing people you care, showing your compassion may not be your forte.  Let me come to the rescue.

Let me be your modern-day Cyrano.  Whether time constraints have brought you here looking for assistance or a need for help in expressing your deeply held thoughts and beliefs has sent you searching, I am here, at your command.
My superpower? Communicating with love!